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Eyebrow Sculpting Info


The thought of adding hair to something that is so regularly waxed, tweezed and preened to within an inch of its life may seem perverse but, newsflash, eyebrow extensions are totally a thing now!

Before you go freaking that the whole bushy eyebrow trend has taken a horrifying turn towards Groucho Marx-esque extremism, read on: Eyebrow extensions could be the answer to your full-brow prayers. 

More of a fill and define style exercise, it's the perfect solution for taking your sparse, patchy eyebrows from forgettable to face-defining in no time at all. 

It's a great technique for women who want an easy, semi-permanent way to build on natural shape. The treatment lasts for two to four weeks, and there's no need for pencils or powders so it's super low maintenance.


So how does this magical treatment work, you may be wondering? 

Using super-fine mink hair, they’re applied to your skin and existing hairs with a flexible and waterproof skin-safe glue. 

The effect is immediate; creating a 3D look that defines, thickens and extends the length of your brow in a way that can be adapted to suit all face types. 

No matter what your face type, we can create a look that will suit you; from sleek and defined to full and bushy (think Cara Delevingne ).

Our Fill and Define service includes an eyebrow consultation, wax, tweeze, clean-up and tint so you'll walk out of the salon with brows you absolutely love that are tailored specifically to you. 

As with any beauty treatment though, there are things you do after having the treatment done that will make your love go from cute girly crush, to full blown love affair. 

Read on for the low down on how to look after those newly extended eyebrows, ladies!





Eyebrow Extensions Care Tips


- In the first 12 to 48 hours avoid wetting your brows, including saunas and steam rooms, to allow the glue to fully cure (dry).

- Do not allow shampoo or conditioner to touch your brows.

- Avoid touching your brows while showering.

- Avoid getting them caught on clothes and towels.

- When drying your brows apply gentle pressure to them and do not rub with a towel. You're best to allow the hairs to dry naturally.

- Avoid rubbing or playing with your brows.

- Avoid wearing brow products. However if you do, we don't recommend removing the product.

- Do not apply moisturiser to the brows as this will soften the bond between the glue and the hair/skin.

- If your brows look a little dishevelled after showering/sleeping you can lightly brush through your brows with a spoolie brush and pat back into place.

The bottom line: The less you touch your brows the longer they will last!